Mini Migration

Revi Fire SebastopolDear Friends,

I’ve been gradually letting the whirls of autumn subside, and introspect. Shift gears toward relaxation, unwinding, and letting the soft winter sun penetrate me gently, deeply. Blazing red, yellow & orange make way to maroon, brown, and gray. It is this time of the year when it gets so very cold (For us in the SF bay area, below freezing at night is reserved for the deep of winter, and is rare, and well, a bit dreadful!). A little break form the cold is what I’m yearning for… being on my way to Mexico, feels very much in order.

This winter months are all about self-care. And this time around, I’m embracing nature way without too much resistance… welcoming supreme self-care. Moving slow is challenging for me, I move like flames, in sparks, in several directions at once. But winter, is about giving voice to the water within us, and especially as a women, but first and foremost as a human, giving the water within me its proper expression is paramount to my well bring. The water is about our emotions, and about graceful flow. I invite you this winter to have a look at what the season invites you to do (or not to do). The cycles of days, weeks, months and so on, all have tremendous impact on what kind of energies and possibilities present themselves to us. Considering your behavior to harmonize with the season is wise living. The expansiveness of summer invites more vigorous activity, and winter invites us to be gentler. Our imbalances, pain, and despair show us the way to return to harmonious flow. Dis-ease is our internal alarm system, like a good friend alerting us, if we only listen.

Wishing you a calm, nourishing December, with grace, flow, and inner joy.




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2 Responses to “Mini Migration”

  1. Kathy McAvoy says:

    Hi, I read your post and I want your advice. On Nov. 12 (my 49th birthday) I became very ill. In the end, I had pneumonia, pleurisy (in the lining of my heart) and Valley Fever. That’s a lot going on, especially in my lungs. What might my “internal alarm system” be trying to tell me?

    Thank you so much,

    • Hi Kathy,

      The messages your body is communicating to you are for you to unlock. I’m not in a position of advising what your health issues mean to you.. I do know, however, that our lungs correspond with the emotions of sadness and grief. Perhaps there is an unresolved story in you with the expression and resolution of sadness and/or grief. Either way, the healing process is often not an easy or fa un one, and it would look differently to each, but it is the only way to move back into health.

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